How to Get Involved in Social Tourism

How to Get Involved in Social Tourism

2 Tips To Follow During Your First Guided Tour Of Kangaroo Island

by Leslie Medina

If you're about to go on your first guided tour of Kangaroo Island, here are some tips to follow.

Bring sensible footwear, lots of bottled water and a water-resistant case for your camera

Three of the most important items you'll need to bring for this tour will be sensible footwear, a few bottles of water and a water-resistant case for your camera (or your smartphone, if you'll be using this to take photos).

A typical Kangaroo Island guided tour will, like most tours of popular locations, involve a lot of walking. However, unlike a tour of a city or town, the terrain on which the tour guide will take you may, at times, be quite rugged and challenging; you might, for example, have to walk across the uneven ground of its rocky coastline, or traverse the rough hiking trails and rocky perimeters of the lagoon in Flinders Chase National Park. If you're not wearing comfortable, waterproof hiking boots during the tour, you might end up too distracted by foot blisters or your aching soles to appreciate this island's incredible attractions.

Similarly, if your tour takes you through the aforementioned national park, there may be extended periods when you cannot access shops in which you can purchase drinking water. As such, it's vital to bring enough with you to stay hydrated throughout the walking portions of the tour, particularly if you visit at a time when the weather is hot.

Finally, you must ensure that you have a waterproof case for your camera or smartphone. Kangaroo Island has some amazing wildlife and scenery, and you may, during the tour, be given a chance to cuddle one of the koalas at its wildlife park. If however, you drop your camera in the lagoon whilst visiting it or get sea spray on it whilst exploring the coast, you might miss out on being able to capture the many wonderful things you get to see and experience whilst on this tour.

Respect the island's wildlife

Kangaroo Island is home to many kinds of wildlife, including kangaroos, pelicans, seals, wombats, koalas and a variety of other creatures. Throughout your tour, you'll probably encounter many of the birds and animals that reside on this island.

For example, in addition to meeting some of the island's koalas, you may also see lots of animals in the island's national park and might get to visit the Seal Bay Conservation Park. It's important to listen to the tour guide if, for example, they tell you not to feed these creatures some of your lunch or to approach them, and to ensure that you properly dispose of rubbish or pack it away if there are no bins nearby (so that the island's animals don't ingest it). Doing this will not only ensure that you don't distress or accidentally cause any other harm to the island's wildlife, but will also reduce the risk of you being bitten by a wild animal.