How to Get Involved in Social Tourism

How to Get Involved in Social Tourism

2 Tips For Those Going On A Broome To Perth Guided Tour

by Leslie Medina

Here are two tips for anyone who'll be going on a Broome to Perth guided tour.

They should prepare for being close to or in bodies of water

It's vital for those going on this specific guided tour to prepare themselves for being close to or in bodies of water, as a typical tour along this route will include visits to these types of places. For example, at the start point of Broome, the tour guide may take their group to Cable Beach. Likewise, as the tour guide takes the group further along this route, the attendees might get to visit Ningaloo Reef, where they may want to go snorkelling or swimming. Similarly, the subsequent tourist spots on this route, such as Karijini and Yardie Creek, feature waterfalls and a gorge respectively, which some tour group members might like to take close-up photos of.

As such, those going on this guided tour might want to pack a towel, a wetsuit or swimsuit, swimming goggles and a change of clothes. Additionally, if they want to be able to safely take close-up shots of the waterfalls, gorge and ocean during this tour, they might want to put their smartphone or camera into a waterproof case. If they do this, they'll be able to relax and get as close as they want to these spots, without having to consider if this will result in their device sustaining water damage.

They should wear close-toed, waterproof footwear with deep treads

Most people go on a guided tour of this particular route when the weather is hot and sunny. The warm weather, coupled with the fact that a typical tour of Broome to Perth will include stop-offs at several beaches, means that some people who are planning to go on this tour might be tempted to wear sandals. However, it's best for tour group members to instead wear close-toed, waterproof footwear with deep treads.

This footwear will, first and foremost, enable the group members to walk comfortably and safely across the wide range of terrain they'll explore along this route.  For example, the deep treads should reduce each group member's risk of slipping when walking on the wet, sandy beaches, as well as on the slippery rocks near the waterfall in Karijini and the uneven ground of its canyons.

If their footwear is waterproof, they won't need to worry about their feet getting saturated if they get a bit too close to the creek, waterfall or ocean when admiring it. Similarly, closed-toed footwear will protect the wearers' feet from cuts and grazes that could otherwise be caused by walking on the sharp, rocky surface that makes up much of the Yardie Creek gorge trail.